Delta Phi Psi Christian Sorority, Incorporated was founded on June 10, 2008 by De'Alleashea James, Kimberly A. Johnson, LaVonne Bost-Barksdale and Gail Edwards to give women an opportunity to experience the traditions of a Greek sorority while always standing on the word of God. A Christian fellowship based sorority that did not compromise the integrity, morals and principals of an individual, but that was rooted in the word, and not driven by other outside forces that were not of God.

A fellowship of women who were steadfast in their faith, unfaltering, and willing to move mountains with the faith of a mustard seed to reach women everywhere. Women who were willing to help serve God's people, displaying how much they love Him through their actions and not just words.  

Delta Phi Psi knows how important it is to keep God first, and strengthen your sisters, not just in your home, family, immediate circle, organizations or church surroundings but everywhere around the world. A strong bond of women that would come together to encourage one another in the Lord through positive and spiritual interactions.

The sisters of Delta Phi Psi Christian Sorority, Inc. are disciples first, and our sole purpose is to draw all of God's children unto Him (John 12:32) through Christian Fellowship. God has used us as vessels to reach out into our communities and assist wherever needed.

We are inclusive, and welcome women whether you are from a traditional sorority, no Greek affiliation, with or without a church home.